Who we are

We are Declared Residents and American Nationals who have a passion to ensure that that most important foundation of our Nation, Agriculture and related industries established within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America, preserved and strengthened.

Our sub-Union is a proud member of the American National Union (ANU) whose overall goal and purpose is to grow and expand all areas of businesses owned and operated by Declared Residents and American Nationals. The ANU and its sub-Unions lawfully operate outside the jurisdiction and control of the creatures of legal fiction doing business as city, county, state, and includes the United States, a federal corporation.

What does operating outside the control and influence of the United States mean for your business? It means that you will operate your business as you see fit. Gone are the days of paying local city, county, state, and federal licensing fees, regulations, depending on subsidies with conditions, and the imposition of debt through loans. You will be the one to ensure the best business methods to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Leadership

In order to be elected to an office within our sub-Union, you must be a Declared Resident or American National. The council is comprised of a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Our elections occur every two years per our by-laws and constitution. Our council members are:

Interim Office Holders


Jesssene Roe Beecroft

Email: auchairman@generalpostoffice.org

Deputy Chairman

Danny Gene Barron



Matthew Emerson



Ora Lee Calloway

Email: autreasurer@generalpostoffice.org


Valerie Zicaro


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